MR. Brodetto | Abruzzo’s seafood cuisine in the new Bonverre flavour

24 February 2020

Jean Pierre Soria, chef and owner of CiboMatto in Vasto in the province of Chieti, is one of the most passionate interpreters of Abruzzo’s seafood cuisine, spokesman in Italy and in the world of this territory’s most famour Fish Soup, named « Brodetto di Pesce alla Vastese ».

Son of art, he began his career in the restaurant of his father, where he learnt the seafood cuisine through the recipes of fishermen, handed down from generations in his family. His father, Ambassador of the Vastese Fish Soup, teaches him all the secrets of this dish and the products of the territory.

Later, during a catering experience in the high fashion for the event CiboMatto, this name remains impressed in Jean Pierre’s mind and lights up the spark to start dreaming about his own restaurant.
CiboMatto becomes a reality a few years later: a small restaurant with a few seats and full of conviviality. A cuisine that comes from ancient recipes of local fishermen, founded on the incredible variety of fish and vegetables.

In 2012, he presented the Brodetto with Slowfood at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, an important occasion followed by a series of prizes and awards for his commitment to the vastese territory.

Today, Jean Pierre embodies even more his love for his land, signing for Bonverre the recipe that represents him the most and that made him Mr.Brodetto.

Jean Pierre Soria, chef di CiboMatto a Vasto in provincia di Chieti, è uno dei più appassionati interpreti della cucina di mare abruzzese, portavoce in Italia e nel mondo del Brodetto di Pesce alla Vastese.

Along the coast of Trabocchi, between the hills and the sea

Vasto is part of a territory with a unique biodiversity, overlooking the sea and surrounded by hills from which you can see the peaks of Majella.

The Coast of Trabocchi is a coastline dotted with stilts, called « Trabocchi » (litteraly « overflows »), which were used both for fishing or as a dwelling. Still today, they maintain a timeless charm that evokes stories from the sea and scents of old recipes.

A coast rich in fish, thanks to the variety of its seabed, but also of native vegetables, such as the Pomodoro of Mezzotempo, a local tomato which grows only in these area and is one of the main ingredients of the fish soup.

Lu Vrudatte – The recipe

In 2006, Jean Pierre contributed with the historian Luigi Murolo to the drafting of the Vastese fish broth specifications, distinguishing it from all other version of the Adriatic coast, from Emilia Romagna to Molise. The main difference is the use of a fresh local tomato instead of the tomato sauce.

Lu Vrudatte is prepared by cooking in a clay dish exclusively local fish according to its seasonality: soup fish like redfish, weever, hen, dormer, stingray, sole, hake, mussels, clams, and shellfish, especially prawns and mantis shrimps. Blue fish and large fish are strictly excluded. The fish is cooked following a precise sequence in the clay dish with olive oil, garlic, parsley, chili pepper, fresh tomatoes and peppers. Everything is always served in the earthenware dish with the possible addition of bread bruschetta (called “lifeboats”) and fresh pasta cooked directly in the broth.

The suggestions of Jean Pierre to taste hisfish soup? « With bread bruschetta or by cooking pasta directly in the broth: ideally capellini, tubetti or broken spaghetti. »

BONVERRE – Mr.Brodetto available in February 2020

Since February 2020, Mr.Brodetto has officially entered the range of glass recipes together with other great interpreters of the territory, and is available in pre-order online for the whole month.

From March it will be available in all Bonverre retailers.