Sustainability is a mission.

Ethics and Conservation,
our first responsibility.


Our philosophy is as transparent as the glass we use: we utilize an eco-sustainable packaging, composed of innovative, recyclable, and reusable materials.

Glass, a timeless material

We started with glass. Why? Because it’s sustainable, lends itself to cooking, and guarantees a long shelf-life.
Bonverre embraces the philosophy of recycling and chooses glass as a vehicle for its own products. Ecological and sustainable for the environment, our glass containers can also be reused after the consumption of a Bonverre product.

The choice of glass was the result of complex laboratory studies that researched the best method of conservation, guaranteeing a minimum shelf life of 2 years that maintains the flavors and natural characteristics of the product’s ingredients.
The result is a product free of artificial additives which preserve the organoleptic properties of the raw materials, maintaining flavor throughout time.

Innovation in materials

Bonverre’s research, especially on materials, is a constant journey. We continue to experiment with new solutions that mirror our recycling philosophy which allows us to continuously improve our product.
Besides glass, from which Bonverre derives its name, we select only cutting-edge materials for our packaging that have a low environmental impact.

Nature offers us many sustainable alternatives that can transform a threat into a resource.

Sustainable, ethical and ecological. Glass meets the philosophy of recycling.
A product free of preservatives and artificial aromas that maintains the natural properties of the ingredients used.
Minimum shelf-life of 2 years. Bonverre lasts over time, keeping the products natural characteristics, flavors and aromas intact.


In 2016 at contest “Tenzone del Panettone” in Parma Bonverre won the title “panettone of the year,” thanks to its innovative cooking method in Bonverre’s glass container.

In 2017 Bonverre’s panettone was named the winner of Gambero Rosso’s prize for Best Packaging. That same year, contacted by “Prunes of California” – a renowned international corporation that shares Bonverre’s principles and goals – the first panettone with plums, chocolate and citrus was born, created from the whims of Andrea Valinetti from Radici, the chef-patron of the Paduan restaurant.

2017 continued to prove a productive year when, in November, Bonverre was presented at celebrated London event “Food Matters” which centers on the importance of raw materials and a healthy diet.

At the end of 2018 Bonverre debuted on the Dutch market through a Sardinian-themed working dinner where buyers and producers met. In honor of the occasion, the products “Nero di Vittorio” and “L’Aggiadda” were officially presented, with the participation of Sardinian chefs Luca Poma and Carlo Biggio.

In 2019 Bonverre products made the rounds in Italy at industry events like ShopExpo in Milan, TEDx Verona, Gusto Nudo Bologna in collaboration with Munchies, and Packaging Premiere. Bonverre is also sold at la Rinascente shopping center in Cagliari.


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