Il Giallo e Il coniglio



Rabbit | White wine | Saffron

Carmagnola rabbit and saffron in a delicate ragu, perfect accompanied by a glass of Franciacorta, the region from which the recipe hails. Marco Pelizzari – Cappuccini Resort | Franciacorta

“In the Cappuccini Resort’s kitchen we began from a study of tradition to then modify, renovate, balance and eventually create a true marriage of tradition, territory and creativity.”
“Rabbit is one of the most delicate white meats. In order to properly showcase it, we play with a balance of aromatic herbs and spices that don’t cover the main ingredient.”
Abbinamenti consigliati: condimento per pasta fresca o per lasagne, risotti, crostini di pane

Marco Pelizzari Bio :

Marco Pelizzari is the owner and sommelier of Cucina San Francesco, the restaurant of hotel Cappuccini Resort in Franciacorta. He first became interested in the world of wine as a teenager working in his family’s restaurant and then at cantina Bellavista. After a year in England at 3 Michelin starred Waterside Inn, he returned to Franciacorta and became a sommelier at Cappuccini Resort. Since 2004 Marco has worked for its wine cellar, carved out in the old well of the convent, selecting the best Italian and international labels with a particular attention on the wines of Franciacorta and French champagnes.

Scheda prodotto

Product Il Giallo e Il Coniglio
Product Code
Rabbit and saffron ragu
Net Weight:
280 g
4 servings as dressing
2 servings as main dish
45% rabbit meat, butter, sunflower seed oil, carrots, onion, white wine, saffron pistils, salt, pepper, rosemary, acidity regulator: citric acid Could contain traces of sulphites.
Milk and derivatives. Could contain sulphites.
Average nutritional values
for 100g of the product
Energy value: 455 kj/108 kcal
Protein 8,9 g
Fats 5,2 g
Saturated fats 0,7 g
Carbohydrates 8,9 g
Sugars 4,3 g
Salt 0,89 g
store in a dry and fresh place; once it’s opened, keep in refrigerator for 5 days
Shelf life 36 months from when packaged

Marco Pelizzari

Marco Pelizzari

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