Lungo Lago



Salmon Trout | Perch | Saffron

Delicate freshwater fish enhanced with a note of saffron, an homage to Lake Iseo and the Lombardian hills of Marco Acquaroli.

“Franciacorta is rich in different geographies, from the Val Camonica mountains to Lake Iseo, from its vineyards to its medieval villages. A chef can easily draw inspiration from the region. Seeing the change of colors the seasons bring, transporting them to how dishes are plated, for example. A territory plentiful in raw materials, too: olive oil, cheese, meat, lake fish, wine. It is a land of stories, traditions, and culinary treasures that stretch beyond just wine.”
Lungo Lago was created to recreate the experience or memory of Franciacorta and Lake Iseo. In the olden days, the wives of fishermen prepared this fish ragu using what had been brought up from the lake that day and their garden vegetables. The personal touch of Chef Acquaroli to this historic recipe is the addition of saffron which blends perfectly with the ragu’s classic ingredients.
Recommended uses: for an aperitivo, on a bread crostino with a glass of Franciacorta, with warm polenta, or as a sauce for fresh tagliolini pasta

Marco Acquaroli Bio :

Marco Acquaroli was first introduced to the world of cooking as a child, when he learned breadmaking from his father, the owner of a bakery. After studying at various culinary institutes, he worked in the kitchens of some of Lombardia’s most renowned restaurants, including Miramonti L’Altro, Il Capriccio, and Il Volto.
He then arrived at Dispensa Pani e Vini where he flanked chef VIttorio Fusari for three years.

Experiences abroad at Four Seasons and Ginevra in Egypt followed. In 2016 he won the Bocuse d’Or Italia. By 2017 he had returned to his homeland of Franciacorta and Dispensa Pane e Vini, where he became head chef. Since his promotion, he has transformed Dispensa into a brand with a range of different activities, including a historic osteria, restaurant Natura, and a catering company.

Scheda prodotto

Product Lungo Lago
Product Code 021
Freshwater fish and saffron sauce
Net Weight:
280 g
4 servings as dressing
2 servings as main dish
79% freshwater fish (salmon trout, perch fish), tomato, fresh cream, extra virgin olive oil, onion, carrot, celery, salt, saffron pistils
Fish and derivatives, celery, milk and derivatives
Average nutritional values
for 100g of the product
Energy value: 653 kJ/157 kcal

Fats: 19 g

Saturated fats: 2,7 g

Carbohydrates: 3,3 g

Sugars: 2,6 g
Protein: 6,9 g
Salt: 0,9 g
store in a dry and fresh place; once it’s opened, keep in refrigerator for 5 days
Shelf life 36 months from when packaged

Marco Acquaroli

Marco Acquaroli

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