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      Bonverre speaks to those who dedicate a particular attention to the research of genuine, high-quality products.

      Bonverre products will be available in selected stores all throughout Italy shortly.
      Contact us to stay up to date and to find the store nearest to you.

      Store events: Bonverre Tastings

      Participate in tastings organized at our Bonverre stores.

      Meet the chefs that have created Bonverre recipes, listen to them explain their story firsthand, and ask them for advice on what to use their recipe with.

      Friends and Partners

      We can count on the support of excellent partners with whom we have built the Bonverre project.
      M Arreda, a Venetian company that designs exhibition spaces for fashion boutiques and luxury restaurants created the exhibitors of Bonverre products which are used in every retail store.
      Cantina Progettidivini, our partner in wine, has the special edition Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG – Bonverre which completes our food section.

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      Il Cortile
      Diego Rossi

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      A memory of childhood. The aroma of nonna’s ragu combines with offal to add an extra layer of flavor. Diego Rossi – Trippa | Milano

      Marco Acquaroli
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      Salmon Trout | Perch | Saffron

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      Daniele Bendanti
      Oltre alla Bolognese
      Daniele Bendanti

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      Ragu alla Bolognese, a timeless classic, reinterpreted in a “street” key by chef Daniele Bendanti – ristorante Oltre | Bologna.

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