Bonverre as told by you

Lorenzo, restaurateur

Joining Bonverre means becoming part of a network of professionals that share your own philosophy and respect for tradition.

Thanks to the events held along with the chefs of Bonverre, we’ve created a real team; from it, various collaborations have been come to fruition. It’s nice to know that in an event on the other side of the country a colleague is cooking and recounting your recipe and your restaurant. This gives a great visibility and return of image.

At the restaurant our “Oltre alla Bolognese” has become a gift that we leave our guests after their tasting menu. It’s a touch that’s always very appreciated by our clients and separates us from other restaurants.

It’s a product that fully represents us is a means to introduce ourselves beyond our restaurant and on the retail market, a completely new world for us. Thanks to Bonverre’s support we have been able to bring our cuisine to a wider audience without compromising quality.

Lorenzo Costa, co-owner and restaurant manager of Ristorante Oltre -Bologna

Giovanni, retailer

Bonverre fully embodies the philosophy of our store: quality, research and selection, the land and artisanality.

We love to explore Italy on the hunt for extraordinary artisanal products and Bonverre is exactly that to us: it brings us traditional recipes from all over the country with a packaging that preserves each recipe’s original flavor. It’s both an artisanal and innovative product.

To have a selection of products that are so unique with a distinct story to tell helps us distinguish ourselves from our competitors and build customer loyalty and trust. They appreciate Bonverre’s quality and are always eager to discover new flavors.

For us the exclusivity of the product is important, as it gives us the possibility to best promote it. The time that we dedicate to the explanation of the product, of its background and possible uses is an added value to a purchasing experience. That’s why we were chosen by Bonverre to be its official retailer of our region.
Giovanni Colombi, owner of gastronomic store Lo Schiaccianoci – Bergamo

Francesca, cooking enthusiast

I love to cook and organize dinner parties, even if it’s not always easy to find the time to prepare dishes that will delight my guests.
As soon as I discovered Bonverre’s products I wanted to test them out at a dinner with friends. I surprised them all with spaghetti dressed in Nero di Vittorio sauce to which I added a little bottarga and lime zest. It was a huge success and I prepared it in record time!
I can’t wait to try other Bonverre recipes and think of what I’ll pair them with.

Another perk: once you’ve finished your Bonverre product its glass container can be recycled in tons of different ways, like a jar for other fords, as a centerpiece filled with flowers, or to make my own recipes.

Francesca, 32 years old, Milano

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