Complete dinner with Bonverre

A tasting journey from appetizer to dessert… Signed by Bonverre!   Sit down, I’ll tell you a story. Even better, we’ll tell you all about Bonverre’s Stories! Our chefs will prepare an entire tasting menu signed by Bonverre for your guests. From the appetizer with fried fish paired with L’Aggiadda, La Toscana dei Tonni served […]

Tasting in Store with Bonverre Merchant

Our merchant … at your service   The Bonverre merchant will provide a special tasting of some of Bonverre’s products in pairing with other food and wine excellences on sale in your Store. The tasting can be designed according to seasonality or following a thematic or territorial thread.

Chef in Store

Tasting and showcooking with Bonverre chefs   Bonverre interpreters become the stars of a live showcooking inside your Store. A show dedicated to your customers who can not only taste and discover Bonverre recipes, but can also interact directly with the chefs, learn about the Stories of each product and discover different creative ways to […]

Not Only Pasta

The creative use of Bonverre’s products   Who said Bonverre’s products only match with pasta? With our event you can discover different creative ways to use all our product lines: Dishes, Sauces, Condiments, Broths and Soups, and Desserts.