Discover all the services dedicated to Bonverre retailers

Merchant Bonverre

at your service

The Bonverre Merchant is a professional dedicated to your store.
This Merchant will support you with training and give you useful information and ideas for achieving high sales.

They will take care of the space you dedicate to Bonverre products, including the more practical tasks of storage and cleaning.

The Bonverre Merchant is a figure who supports you in everything and will periodically visit your store.

Promote your store with Bonverre

We believe in synergies and mutual promotion. We firmly believe that your store is important and that your range is of great quality.

This is why you have chosen Bonverre and why Bonverre promotes you on all its digital channels.

On the website, your store is always visible and geo-localised. On social media, all new stores are presented and all retailers are given a voice (and space).

In addition, the Bonverre Merchant will make short videos together with you to promote your store on Bonverre’s social media channels.

Download the Bonverre product catalogue

Do you want to receive the complete catalogue of Bonverre products, with all the technical data sheets and pairing suggestions created by our chefs?

QR Code

dedicated just to you

Imagine being able to give your customer all the tips they need – the ones that only the experience of a retailer can provide and that are often decisive in convincing customers to make a purchase.

Now imagine that the pairing is recommended directly by you to the customer, via a QR Code on each Bonverre jar, helping you in your daily work. But that’s not all: with Bonverre QR Codes you have access to a platform designed specifically for your store, where you can enter all your products and create combinations that go beyond Bonverre!

We have imagined all this, and very soon we will be able to present it to you.

In-Store Events

for your promotion

An in-store event is a great way to promote your store and engage with your customers. If well organised, it can be a valuable opportunity to boost your sales.
Bonverre organises customised events and tastings for your store, also involving product authors (if required). 

Consulents & Gastronomes

dedicated to you​

Bonverre has all the skills to enhance your training and suggest the best combinations for your products. We know how important it is to offer combinations to customers and to find the perfect solution for their purchases or gifts. We also know that Bonverre products are unique and incomparable. That is why we can support you with training and corresponding advice.