Italian Stories

Pay off

Authentic Italian


Bonverre’s payoff sums up our mission: to propagate, hand down and safeguard all the knowledge behind an authentic recipe.

Bonverre is the storyteller. The protagonists of its stories are territories, people, and recipes. But also our retailers, who help to spread them and bring products (and stories) into every home.

The Name

The Story behind the Name


every Bonverre is a time capsule of flavours and memories that can travel the world. It encapsulates traditional recipes, rooted in the land but often unknown just a few kilometres away, waiting to be discovered.

The name Bonverre is clear and transparent, like the contents of each jar (very short list of ingredients, no preservatives) and like the jar itself – made of glass that is recyclable and reusable.


that guide the Bonverre project.

Bonverre is not just a skilful assemblage of ingredients, it is not just cooking in a jar: it is a living product, with a soul, and with values.


Bonverre embraces the philosophy of re-use, in the name of sustainability and ecology.


Bonverre has no preservatives or artificial flavourings.
Only the taste of the best raw materials and a very short list of ingredient.

Shelf-life of 24 months at room temperature.

Stored in the pantry, it can be ready for any occasion.

Bonverre was born to save the Italian gastronomic tradition. It was born to promote the stories and authentic recipes of unique and inimitable territories


What did Grandma’s wild ragout taste like? And the fish soup of the fishermen of Vasto? Or the typical sauce of the Tabarchina culture in Carloforte?

These are the recipes that have made the history of Italian regional cuisines, but which today (almost) no one cooks any more.

This means that they risk falling out of memory. These are the flavours of the past, which were handed down in home kitchens and which today can only be found in a few restaurants.

To do this, Bonverre has chosen the path of truth, transparency, and the use of recyclable and sustainable materials, such as glass. It uses only natural ingredients, without any preservatives.
To do this, Bonverre has chosen and selected places where gastronomic excellence is the protagonist: shops, wine shops, delicatessens, as well as food stores throughout Italy and abroad.

Our Staff


We have a large staff.

Vision and Strategy

The founders of Bonverre are committed to the evolution of the brand, the innovation of products and services, and marketing strategy.


Our team of gastronomy and cooking experts select the most authentic stories, recipes and performers, who will become the Bonverres of tomorrow.

Back Office

Production times, warehouse management, receipt and processing of orders, availability of raw materials, continuous contact with authors and much, much more. The Bonverre Back Office takes care of everything that is rarely seen.

Research And Development

Bonverre strongly believes in the research of new production solutions and the development of innovative methods and strategies for promotion and retailer support, in order to encourage high sales.


The heart of production. In Bonverre’s laboratories, all new products are fine-tuned and the recipe is defined together with the author. This is where our technical team works on a daily basis.


Upselling, reselling and above all listening, discussing, and remaining close to the retailer. Bonverre strongly believes in synergy with stores; our merchants have the task of listening to the opinion of those who are on the front line of brand promotion.

Commercial Director

Our Commercial Director has been with Bonverre since the birth of the brand and coordinates its development. This Director guides agents in the territory and oversees the opening of new stores together with the sales team.

Marketing and Communication

Packaging, labelling, online and offline communication, promotion with digital advertising, relations with the press and with industry insiders. Bonverre’s marketing team takes care of this and much more.