Our stories

Origin & Ingredients

Bonverre has chosen to preserve its products in jars, combining Italy’s culinary heritage with cutting- edge techniques based on continuous research into the future of food.

The original taste and organoleptic properties remain unchanged and can be kept for a long time without the use of preservatives or the need for refrigeration. Sustainable and ecological. In line with our values.

To make our Bonverre, we don’t just select the best raw materials. We choose the ingredients to make the recipe exactly as the author intended or as local tradition dictates.

We organise our production to respect the seasonality of vegetables and the fishing seasons, favouring sustainable suppliers.

Our Products

Every year Bonverre presents new products and new stories.
We know how important new additions are, but we only offer them if they are of great value. Every year we only present you with the stories that have impressed us the most, and with the products that have something truly unique and special to offer.


Broths and Soups