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Authentic Italian Stories.

Authentic Tabarchina tradition
A tomato and capers-based condiment that the Tabarca sailors brought with them on their sea crossings across the Mediterranean: from Tunisia, to Liguria, to the southern islands of Sardinia, where this culture is at its height even today.
Traditionally, Aggiadda was used as a preserving method for food, but also as a sauce to accompany fried fish served directly on board. You can still find it today in the cuisine of Carloforte, Calasetta and Sant’Antioco in southern Sardinia.

Carlo Biggio

A young interpreter of the territory
Born on the island of Sant’Antioco, in southern Sardinia, Carlo Biggio divides his time for work between Cagliari and Calasetta. In his background he has worked for important facilities, such as Forte Village, and for a major international hotel chain.
A proud interpreter of his land, eager to take it around the world, Carlo Biggio and his family are the owners of the Mamma Fina Gastronomia, a pilgrimage destination for every tourist and resident of Calasetta.

Gastronomia Mamma Fina
Gastronomia Mamma Fina is the place to enjoy authentic dishes of Sardinian tradition. A true melting pot of tastes, cultures and recipes that have made Tabarchina cuisine unique in the world.

Tip for Use

for grilled or roasted fish dishes or for fried fish

Creative pairing
for a gourmet sandwich

for a lasagna with carasau bread


Tomato (Italy) 69%, double tomato concentrate (Italy) 15%, extra virgin olive oil, capers (Italy) 5%, garlic, salt, sugar, bay leaf.



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