IL BRODO DEL RE, the new Bonverre’s excellence by chef Alberto Faccani

A nice and warm news at Bonverre: the first product of the Brodi & Zuppe line, namely Il Brodo Del Re, is born. It is the authentic capon broth of the Emilia-Romagna tradition, of those that so well made there is not. To interpret it for us a chef who boasts two Michelin stars with his Magnolia Restaurant in Longiano (Forlì-Cesena): he is Alberto Faccani.

The Bonverre family welcomes a new talent. His cuisine is characterized by the love for the product, the technique, the research and the quality of the raw materials of the territory. Faccani created the Bonverre version of the capon broth, Il Brodo del Re, using only a few ingredients of extreme quality, following the traditional recipe. It starts from the meat of capon, which is put in a saucepan and covered with cold water in proportion 1 to 3. Cervia salt is added to release the “umori”, then vegetables: celery, carrots, Italian tomatoes and fried onions. The broth is “mumbled” for a few hours, and during all its preparation is cleaned of impurities to make it clear at the end of cooking.

Il Brodo del Re Bonverre premiered at Pitti Taste in Florence in February 2023. On that occasion, buyers, retailers and operators of the sector had the opportunity to taste this delight, confirming its excellence. Perfect for the preparation of delicious dishes based on meat or vegetables, or as the most Emilian-Romagna tradition wants with a good dish of passatelli, you can find it available in all our stores, in Italy and abroad.

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