Genovese di Tonno



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Authentic Italian Stories.

A marine reinterpretation of a traditional Neapolitan classic, the authentic Genovese
Chef Viviana Varese, bound to the memory of her family’s historical dishes from Campania and to the seafood, has created a personal version of the traditional Neapolitan genovese.
A recipe that can be handed down in glass jar by Bonverre, where tuna becomes the protagonist along with onions from Montoro. The secret, as always, lies in the simplicity of the recipe, in the quality of the ingredient chosen and in the long, patient cooking process, just like the way it is usually done on Sundays in every Amalfi Coast home.
Tuna Genovese, like meat Genovese, is a typical festive menu, and it is the perfect blend of the two ingredients. Thanks to Bonverre, it becomes a true ritual to be shared with family and friends, everyday.

Viviana Varese

A great performer uniting Italy
Born in Maiori, on the Amalfi Coast, the chef enjoys cooking as a synonym for life: it requires passion, commitment, creativity, dedication and humility. Her background includes important milestones such as chefs Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Adrià and Joan Roca, pillars of the history of Mediterranean and world cuisine.

Today, the realm of Viviana Varese is named VIVA, a restaurant housed in the magnificent spaces of Eataly in Milan, located in what was once the Teatro Smeraldo.
Here Viviana has earned one Michelin star, a reward for bringing a personal philosophy to the kitchen that is more conscious every day: ‘We are men and women, we are human beings. We feel, we change, we exist. We never stop self discovery and self invention. Constantly looking beyond. Viva! (Alive!)”

Tips of use

Main courses
serve after warming in the microwave or in a pan

Creative pairing
perfect ingredient for tapas or finger food to share during aperitifs

On pizza
perfect as an ingredient for a pizza at home, whose flavours may remind one of the classic tuna and onion combination


Onions 68%, tuna 21%, pork cheek 5%, extra virgin olive oil, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid. May contain traces of fsh bones.