La Toscana dei Tonni



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Authentic Italian Stories.

The Tuna of Chianti
The pork tuna, or Chianti tuna, is a traditional Tuscan way of processing the pork meat.
When there were no refrigerators yet, to avoid wasting the surplus pork, farmers kept it in salt for three days, then they cooked it in white wine with bay leaves and spices, and lastly preserved it in oil for months.
After this marinating period, the meat is tender and has a delicate flavour surprisingly similar to tuna in oil. This is how one of the most loved Tuscan recipes came about!

Davide Balduini

Paying tribute to Tuscan cuisine
Davide Balduini comes from a family of Tuscan restaurateurs, from whom he learnt recipes and traditions that have always guided him in his work as restaurant entrepreneur in Milan.
Tuscan cuisine resembles its inhabitants: authentic, genuine recipes that are handed down from father to son, or rather from “babbo a figliolo” (in Tuscan dialect).

After leaving the family restaurant, Davide worked for many years in the organization of catering and events prior to opening his own restaurant ‘La cucina de’ Mibabbo’ in Milan.
Together with chef Roberta Magnani, he offers traditional Tuscan cuisine, drawing inspiration from the different territories of the region and combining traditional methods with contemporary techniques.

Tips of use

Main courses
Serve at room temperature, served in classic Tuscan combination: Cannellini beans, potatoes, and chestnut or chickpea flatbreads

Creative pairing
as a stuffing for “tigelle” – buns typical of Emilia Romagna-creating a combo that crosses the Apennines

For a focaccia
warm, it is perfect as an ingredient for filling classic Tuscan focaccia, but also Roman pinsa


Pork meat (Italy) 72%, extra virgin olive oil (Italy) 26%, white wine, black pepper, juniper berries, bay leaf, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid. May contain sulphites