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Authentic Italian Stories.

A plunge into the most authentic Ligurian tradition!
A cod and potato preparation originating in Ormea, between Liguria and Piedmont, but also known in France by the name of Brandade. Thanks to an ancient technique, once the various ingredients have been cooked, the mantecatura process takes place, giving Brandacujun a unique creaminess!
Brandacujun is now enjoying a moment of revival and many are reinterpreting it. Marzia Ceresoli, on the other hand, presents it in its authentic and original guise: mashed potatoes and stockfish with EVO oil, garlic and parsley.
The name Brandacujun originates from the past, when to mantecare (in local dialect ‘brandare’) stockfish and potatoes required time and was a very laborious job. The task was therefore assigned to the youngest member of the family – in local dialect ‘cujun’ – who had to whisk the pot with the ingredients until the desired consistency was reached.

Marzia Ceresoli

A passionate performer pays tribute to Liguria
Marzia Ceresoli is head chef at Trattoria La Curva. She is not from Liguria, but her love for these territories, which she has chosen as her home, makes her the perfect ambassador of distant and sincere traditions, such as Brandacujun.
The gastronomic Liguria goes beyond Pesto genovese, Tuccu and Focaccia… and Marzia will recount it with kindness and personality.

Trattoria La Curva
We are in Val Tanaro, in the Province of Cuneo, just a few metres from the Province of Imperia. Here, the territory has a compelling history.
The settlements of the Moors (Saracen tower), followed by the control of the Marquis of Clavesana and the birth of Ormeasco wine. Then again Napoleon’s passage on his way back to Paris (RN Route Napoleon).
Just a few kilometres from here is the Via Del Sale, the LimoneMonesi road, through which one can reach Triora (the village where the last witch is said to have been executed) or the sea, with the well-known towns of Arma di Taggia, Sanremo, Bordighera and Ventimiglia.

Tips of use

Main courses
simply warmed and garnished with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Creative pairing
accompany the Brandacujun with a chopped sun-dried tomato and garlic croutons

Street Food
for unusual and surprising potato and cod croquettes


Potatoes 45%, cod fsh 36%, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley, salt, acidi fer: lactic acid. May contain traces of fsh bones.