Lampredotto Inzimino



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Authentic Italian Stories.

The history of Florence in a dish
Lampredotto Inzimino is the emblem of Florentine cuisine, one of the most popular offal dishes in the city, enhanced by the ingredients of the Tuscan peasant tradition.
Zimino recipes are part of the Tuscan tradition, a stew preparation with chard, spinach, garlic and herbs. Legumes, cuttlefish, and in Florence also lamprey with black cabbage, tomato, hot pepper, garlic and sage – perhaps the only spicy dish in the city.
Creamy, soft and aromatic, it is served as a main course, in a deep dish, in a bowl or directly in a pan.

Paolo Gori

A great voice for the territory
Paolo Gori is the chef patron of Trattoria da Burde, a historic establishment in Florence founded by his family in 1901.
Together with his brother Andrea, maitre and sommelier, he represents the fourth generation at the helm of Burde, now a must-visit destination for Florentines and anyone who wants to enjoy authentic Tuscan cuisine.
After working experience as an archaeologist and a degree in Political Science, the lure of the home cooking became ever stronger: Paolo returned to the restaurant where he grew up and together with Andrea took over the reins of the family business.
Trattoria da Burde is a place where you can still enjoy traditional Florentine dishes as they were handed down to us, in all their genuineness and authenticity

Trattoria Da Burde
Everyone in Florence knows the Trattoria da Burde, because it is one of the most famous and long-established Florentine Historical Eateries, founded in 1901 as a food shop. Since then, four generations of the Gori family have handed down the baton, evolving the shop into a wine shop with a small kitchen up to today, when Trattoria da Burde has become an avant-garde outpost of Tuscan gastronomic tradition with a legendary wine list.

Tips of use

Main courses
serve hot with slices of toasted Tuscan bread

Creative pairing

using lampredotto as a filling for a sandwich, to be enjoyed while strolling around

For roulades

perfect as a filling for rolls made with savoy cabbage leaves or radicchio