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Authentic Italian Stories.

The childhood flavours of a great chef
The scent of childhood memories, the one of the ragù that Diego Rossi’s grandmother used to prepare with poultry, using all their parts to obtain a sauce with a strong and unmistakable flavour.
This sauce is the memory of countless family stories of the last century, from all over Italy but in particular from the Po Valley of the Veneto region, where poultry were often the protagonists of the home diet, poor but at the same time authentic.

Diego Rossi

The king of the Nose-to-Tail Eating
In his Trattoria Trippa in Milan, Diego Rossi has rediscovered the cuisine of offal, with the aim of making the most of every part of the animal and rediscovering the flavours of the poor cuisine of the past.
Now renowned throughout the world (numerous international cooking events have welcomed him as a protagonist), Diego preserves his love for tradition and the genuine flavours of childhood.

Trattoria Trippa
The Trippa experience right at home
A place of pilgrimage for food enthusiasts and the simply curious. Trippa in Milan has made the Nose to Tail Eating revolution and is now one of the most famous trattorias in Italy.

To book, the waiting list is very long, yet it is always repaid by the unique taste of Diego Rossi’s cuisine.

Tip for Use

As a condiment for fresh and stuffed pasta: lasagne, tagliatelle, ravioli

Creative pairing
As a spread on pan brioche crostini like a liver pâté

Street food
as the filling of a ‘Nose to Tail’ sandwich, with a strong flavour


Chicken giblets (Italy) (durelli and livers) 62%, tomato (Italy) 16% beef heart (Italy) 14%, onions, extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic, aromatic herbs, acidity regulator: lactic acid. May contain traces of sulphites .