Bagna Càoda



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Authentic Italian Stories.

The tradition of Piedmont
Native to Lower Piedmont, the name of this recipe literally translates from the dialect as ‘hot sauce’. A preparation based on anchovies and garlic, which is enriched with a drizzle of cream to make it even tastier.
According to the most authentic story, this recipe would be prepared in autumn – during grape harvest time – for farmers returning from long and tiring days of work. Rather than a simple dish, Bagna Càoda is a convivial ritual: it is usually served at the centre of the table in a special clay bowl and shared among the diners.

Sergio De Domenico

Tradition in pots
A family story that aims to uphold the tradition of Piedmontese cuisine, the most authentic one. Since 1995, Sergio De Domenico, together with his family, has been running an artisanal culinary laboratory and with his products he wants to introduce the true flavours of tradition, adding a pinch of creativity to each recipe.
A preservative-free jarred product, good and natural, with a strong link to the Piedmont region, just like the Bonverre philosophy!

Tip for Use

To dip vegetables and crudité, like a “pinzimonio”

Creative pairing
to cream a strong-flavoured risotto

In a sandwich
as a sauce to enhance a gourmet sandwich