Ragù di Selvaggina



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Authentic Italian Stories.

The childhood tastes of a great chef
The wild game ragout that marked the history and taste of the multi-starred Chef Igles Corelli: the one his grandmother prepared to flavour a delicious risotto.
According to Chef Corelli, the only way to make tradition better is by going in search of the best products around Italy and not just stopping at one territory. That is what he means by Garibaldian cuisine, the cuisine that has always inspired him in this quest for excellence through products.Igles Corelli

Igles Corelli

A master of Italian cuisine
A leading figure in Italian haute cuisine, he has always been an innovator of tradition. A “Garibaldian” cooking philosophy, which aims to unite Italy through the search for the best products of each territory.
An undisputed master of Italian cuisine and the renowned face of Gambero Rosso Channel for his show “Il gusto di Igles”. Since 2018 Igles has been the Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of Gambero Rosso Academy.
He was the first chef who introduced the concept of Circular Cuisine to describe his philosophy of respect for the ingredient.
In the 1980s and 1990s, Igles came to national and international prominence, collecting stars in every restaurant he led: from the Trigabolo in Argenta, up to the Locanda della Tamerice in Ostellato.

Tip for Use

to cream risottos or flavour Tagliatelle of fresh egg pasta

Creative pairing
for fresh ravioli with an unrivalled taste

As a main course
served hot, served with soft polenta