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Authentic Italian Stories.

A Legacy of Vesuvian Tradition

Nestled amidst the verdant slopes of Mount Vesuvius, the vibrant yellow cherry tomatoes of Monte Somma derive their unique character from a harmonious blend of volcanic terroir and time-honored cultivation practices.

Within the Vesuvius National Park, the mineral-rich volcanic soil imparts an extraordinary quality to these exceptional tomatoes. The temperate climate of this region favors a slow and balanced ripening process, transforming the tomatoes into veritable golden fruits.

Hand-picked without the use of pesticides or preservatives, the Monte Somma yellow cherry tomatoes transport us back to ancient farming traditions and the flavors of yesteryear. Glistening with a radiant golden hue and brimming with vitamins and minerals, Vesuviano delivers a symphony of flavors, both savory and delicately smooth.

Francesco Savarise

Hailing from Neapolitan roots, Francesco Savarise is an integral part of the family-owned farm nestled in the province of Naples.

Each year, as early as March, Francesco makes the journey to Naples to oversee the planting phase. Throughout the ensuing summer months, he meticulously monitors and supervises the entire production process.

Together with his son Raffaele, Francesco co-founded AENP – Associazione Eccellenza Nella Pizza (Association for Pizza Excellence). Their mission is to disseminate pizza culture worldwide, promoting and valorizing traditional preparation techniques, ingredients, and regional specialties.

Tip for Use

Pizza topping
pair it with creamy fior di latte mozzarella, sautéed friarielli, and sausage

Focaccia o crostini
to elevate your focaccia or crostini paired with a touch of olive oil and fresh basil leaves

Creative matching
to make a Bloody Mary with a… yellow twist


Campanian yellow cherry tomatoes (Italy)