La Cru di Giulietta e Romeo



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Authentic Italian Stories.

The authentic taste of the hills of Verona
A dish that encapsulates all the flavours of Veronese tradition: pork belly, Monte Veronese DOP cheese, savoy cabbage and red wine.
Chef Giacomo Sacchetto recalls when his grandparents – like most peasant families in the area – used to serve pork belly with the local Savoy cabbage and the new wine that would arrive exactly around the time when it was customary to slaughter pigs.
This is a traditional Veronese recipe, where bacon is served in a totally unusual way. Chef Sacchetto has combined it with Monte Veronese DOP from the Monti Lessini, a cheese widely present in traditional Veneto cuisine, and a wintry ingredient such as Verza Moretta from Veronella.

Giacomo Sacchetto

A young interpreter of the territory
This young starred chef from Verona offers cuisine inspired by his local area and in particular the Lessini Mountains. Giacomo Sacchetto, born in Verona in 1985, had no doubts since he was a young boy: his passion is cooking. In 2004 his career officially took off, starting as an apprentice in one of Verona’s historic restaurants and then continuing in cosmopolitan London.
Back in Italy, he landed first in Milan at the restaurant of Andrea Berton and then in the Verona area at Perbellini and finally at the St. Hubertus, in San Cassiano (BZ), 3 Michelin stars. Once back in Verona, always with Perbellini, he then decided to give life to a long-dreamt personal project: La Cru came into being.

La Cru
2019 is a year of change and renewal. Villa Balis Crema – a splendid historical residence in Valpantena, on the outskirts of Verona – allocates space to the creation of a fine dining restaurant where research, territory and seasonality are the foundations of a concrete cuisine – as Giacomo Sacchetto himself likes to define it. After only a year of opening, La Cru was awarded its first Michelin star, and the following year it received the Green Star, an award for the restaurant’s sustainability, recognised by Michelin.

Tips of use

Main courses
simply heat in the microwave and serve

Creative pairing
to be served with a warm, soft polenta

For oriental dishes
as a filling for a steamed bao, or an ingredient for noodles or stir-fried rice


Pork belly (origin Italy) 41%, red wine vinegar, red wine, Savoy cabbage, Veronese wine 6%, shallot, cream, Monte Veronese D.O.P. cheese (cow’s milk, salt, rennet) 3%, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic, black pepper, rosemary, acidity regulator: lactic acid. May contain sulphites