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Authentic Italian Stories.

The authentic Vastese-style fish stew
The fishermen’s recipe from the Costa dei Trabocchi: the most famous fish soup of the Adriatic Sea, with deep-sea fish, molluscs and tomatoes.
Of all the variants on the Adriatic coast from Romagna to Molise, Brodetto alla Vastese is the one with the fastest cooking and freshest flavour. In fact, no passata is used, but rather a fresh local tomato (ideally the Mezzo Tempo tomato) and the green horn pepper.
In Brodetto there is a wide variety of local fish and shellfish that are cooked intact, traditionally in a crock pot. A poor dish but with a richness in taste and a freshness that expresses all the intensity of Mediterranean cuisine.

Jean Pierre Soria

The most passionate interpreter of Abruzzo seafood cuisine
Jean Pierre Soria, child of art, is one of the most passionate interpreters of Abruzzo cuisine and in particular of the seafood cuisine of Vasto, the place where he grew up and is deeply attached to.
After several work experiences in his father’s restaurants and in catering for fashion firms, he decided to open his own restaurant ‘Cibo Matto’.

Since Jean Pierre Soria’s cuisine was “acknowledged” by Slow Food in 2012 and brought to the Salone del Gusto in Turin, his small restaurant with its few seats has become a popular destination for tasting the famous brodetto alla vastese, which remains one of the most appreciated on the entire Adriatic coast.

Tips of use

Main courses
Fish soup to be enjoyed hot in an earthenware crock served with toasted bread

Creative pairing
for a Paella alla vastese, cooking the rice directly in the broth and adding the fish at the end of cooking

As a pasta dish
by finishing the cooking of broken spaghetti or capellini, directly into the fish broth