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Authentic Italian Stories.

A dessert inspired by a great Italian pastry classic: the Offella d’Oro®
Verona has become a landmark for great Italian leavened products. Indeed, it is here that two of the most famous cakes in the sweet history of Italian gastronomy originate: Pandoro and Offella d’Oro®. However, only few people are aware of how deeply linked these two products are in their history. Narrating the story for Bonverre is an almost first-hand
witness, Pierluigi Perbellini, whose great-grandfather was the author of these sweet pearls.

We need to take a step back and discover Nadalin, a cake invented in celebration of the first Christmas that Verona spent under the rule of the Della Scala family. It is precisely the Nadalin that is the inspiration behind Pandoro and Offella d’Oro®. The Master Confectioner Pierluigi Perbellini, the latest generation of the historic Pasticceria Perbellini, has chosen Bonverre for the creation of its one and only product inspired by the famous Offella d’Oro®.
The Bonverre Invasata combines History (the dough of the ancient Offella originated, like the Pandoro, from the Veronese Nadalin) and Contemporaneity: offering the possibility of enjoying a great leavened cake all year round, either straight from the jar, or in combination with ice cream or vanilla creams.

Pierluigi Perbellini

A Great Family, which made History
The Invasata fulfils Bonverre’s desire to recount yesterday’s tradition to today’s gourmands. This is done with the style of Pierluigi Perbellini, who pursues a classic pastry concept, but with a glance at new techniques and new ingredients, in order to satisfy the curiosity of his customers.

Pasticceria Perbellini

The Perbellini pastry shop was founded in 1872 in Bovolone, near Verona. Specialising in large leavened products, over the years it became famous for some iconic products such as Offella, Millefoglie Strachin, Dolce d’Orato and Pan dei Siori.
Today, the pastry shop is still run by the Perbellini family and is one of the most renowned in Italy.

Tip for Use

removed from the jar and cut into slices

Creative pairing
removed from the jar and combined with almond or vanilla ice cream

On the spoon
directly from the jar, since its softness allows you to enjoy it even with a spoon

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