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Authentic Italian Stories.

Alberto Marchetti presents the zabaglione in its most genuine key.
Piemonte is not only one of the most important Italian regions in the history of ice cream, it is also the birthplace of one of Italy’s most famous dessert: Zabaione. A recipe that has been handed down within the family for generations.
A recipe that has been handed down within the family for generations. It has ancient origins and, as often happens in Italy, differs from region to region.
According to legend, St Paschal Baylon, a Spanish cleric and mystic, decided to devote himself to cooking in addition to his duties. This is why he is considered the protector of chefs and pastry chefs.
In 1563, Duke Emanuele Filiberto Primo is said to have moved from France to Turin, bringing with him staff from Spain, including Don Pasquale. One day, San Pasquale had some difficulty whipping the eggs with the sugar and came up with the idea of adding some sweet wine while heating everything up. And so, San Bajon ‘was born!
The success of that cream was astounding, so successful that from then on, all the ladies of Turin handed down the recipe from generation to generation.
The name San Bajon, coming from the Piedmontese dialect, was later Italianised into Zabaione.

Alberto Marchetti

The master ice-cream maker Alberto Marchetti is born on the same day his father opened his renowned gelateria near Turin. He spent his entire childhood in that ice cream shop and learnt the meaning of making good ice cream: just use a few ingredients, which are simple but good.
Gelato is his life, and he makes it so good that all the major national rankings place it amongst the best in Italy!

The Gelateria
Alberto Marchetti runs four ice cream shops in Turin, one in Alba – in the Langhe – two in Milan and one in Alassio. Many shops, one common thread: the extreme quality of the product.
In addition to the Gelaterie, Alberto also created ‘Casa Marchetti’, where his San Bajon for Bonverre was born. Here, besides ice cream and zabaglione, he produces other excellences from his Piedmont region

Tip for Use

to accompany cakes, pandoro or traditional biscuits

Creative pairing
at room temperature it is perfect to variegate ice cream or as add-on to whipped cream

On the spoon
after 3 hours in the freezer, it turns into a tasty spoon dessert


Sugar, Marsala wine (containing sulphites), egg yolk from land-farming Cat. A (23,7%), rice starch. May contain traces of milk and nuts .



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