Trippa di Baccalà



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An unusual version of Baccalà alla Vicentina (Vicenza style codfish)
Trippa di Baccalà has been on the menu at the 1 Michelin-starred restaurant Il Desco for generations. Today, Chef Matteo Rizzo interprets this family recipe linked to the Venetian tradition.
Codfish has a very ancient history that combines northern European traditions with Venetian cuisine, thanks to ancient trade routes.
A legend has it that in 1400 a Venetian navigator was rescued during a storm by fishermen on the Lofoten Islands in Norway. In a place where the night lasted three months, the inhabitants preserved huge quantities of the local fish, the stockfish, by drying it in the sun. Back in Venice, the navigator brought back with him the discovery of this little treasure, which began to spread throughout the cities of Veneto, gaining popularity for its taste and long shelf life.
Today, it is a main ingredient in Venetian cuisine, especially in its Vicentine and Mantecato alla Veneziana variants.
Using the softest and rarest part of the dried cod, the tripe, we obtain this full-flavoured and creamy recipe, further refined with anchovies and Taggiasca olives

Matteo Rizzo

The interpreter of Venetian tradition
Born in Verona in 1984, after important experiences in Rome, Los Angeles, London and Las Vegas, he took over the family restaurant (Michelin-starred for more than 35 years), joining his father Elia in the kitchens of Il Desco.
Today he is among the most renowned restaurateurs and his restaurant is visited by enthusiasts from all over Italy and abroad.

Il Desco
The temple of Veronese catering, in 1981 it was the first restaurant to bring haute cuisine, which was already dominating the French scene, to Verona.
Elia Rizzo was a visionary and despite the many difficulties of the early days, he managed to bring Il Desco two Michelin stars and maintain this precious recognition for decades at national level, an absolute rarity.
Today Il Desco remains the undisputed landmark for the city, its inhabitants and the tourists who crowd Verona. Here they are sure to always find the best ingredients and the passion of an unrivalled family.

Tips of use

Main courses
serve hot, accompanied by soft polenta

Creative pairing

as a sauce for a dish of gnocchi recalling the flavours typical of the city of Verona

As an aperitif
perfect ingredient for Venetian ‘cicchetti’