Sit down, I’ll tell you the story of Bagna Càoda by chef Sergio De Domenico

A journey through time takes us back to the origins of Bagna Càoda, the new arrival in the Salse & Sughi line by Bonverre. A Piedmontese sauce rich in history and intense flavors made with anchovies and garlic.

The Bagna Càoda is a typical Piedmontese sauce, with ancient origins, dating back to the times of the ancient “Salt Ways”. It is said that in the past some smugglers,  in order to avoid paying the salt tax imposed by the Savoy, covered the salt in the barrels with layers of anchovies. Arrived in the Piedmontese valleys after a long journey, anchovies were used to create this delicious and energetic sauce that would then feed the farmers who worked in the Piedmontese vineyards. Bagna Càoda Bonverre faithfully follows the traditional recipe, using only authentic and high quality ingredients.

To interpret it for us, a chef who has made the link with the authentic recipes of the territory his mantra. The history of the De Domenico family is full of experience, tradition, goodness and quality. Since 1995 the family has been running Buongustaio Piemonte in Santena, in the province of Turin, an artisan workshop where they produce potted products without preservatives, good and natural, with a strong link with the Piedmontese territory. In collaboration with Sergio De Domenico, an expert chef of Piedmontese cuisine and owner of the artisan workshop, Bonverre has created his own version of Bagna Càoda.

Sergio De Domenico recommends using this sauce to accompany fresh vegetables, to cream a risotto with a strong flavor or to fill a gourmet sandwich. If you haven’t tasted it yet, visit one of our retailers in Italy or abroad.

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