Bonverre and his Antico Genovese on France Pizza

When we talk about authentic pesto, we cannot fail to mention the Antico Genovese by Bonverre. The editorial staff of France Pizza, a magazine that mentions only the best food and wine excellences in the world, knows this well. On the occasion of a special dedicated to basil PDO, the editors also mentioned one of our stories, the most authentic of the Ligurian tradition, signed by the world champion of pesto chef Roberto Panizza.

Chef Panizza is the President of the Palatifini association, the creator of the World Championship of Pesto al Mortaio and the  owner of the renowned restaurant Il Genovese, located in the historic center of Genoa. Through his restaurant and his cuisine, which are the protagonists of countless events and television appearances in Italy and abroad, the chef wishes to defend and hand down the historical memory of Genoese Pesto.

The Antico Genovese Bonverre is a unique product. Realized as tradition dictates, with only the Genoese Basil DOP coming from the western Genoese town of Prà. Here basil grows in the greenhouses located near the sea, moreover, the particular climate is the fundamental characteristic, with the mountains behind that mitigate the air. FFrom a basil as special as this can only come an equally special pesto. This sauce is a tribute to the traditions and flavors of Liguria and is winning more and more admirers, even outside Italian borders.

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