The first foreign event for Bonverre: we were invited to the Rolling Pin in Graz

With great emotion we tell you about our participation in our first food and wine event abroad. We are talking about the Rolling Pin in Graz, considered the most important Austrian symposium, which since 2014 has aimed to celebrate international food and wine and haute cuisine through a rich program consisting of tastings, show cooking, master classes and meetings.

So many ideas, visions, philosophies and techniques related to the future of the industry animated this two-day convention. With 6 different stages present, more than 60 speakers including the best and most creative chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and experts from 14 countries were able to present the gastronomic trends of the future to the nearly 10,000 colleagues in attendance.

And this year, thanks to the collaboration with the A. G. Brigante & Co. team, visitors were also able to taste the Artisan Stories by Bonverre. Guests had the opportunity to discover the technique of pot cooking that is the basis of our products and to participate in a journey in stages in the beautiful country. From Sardinia with “Il Nero di Vittorio” and “L’aggiadda,” to Lombardy with products such as “Lungo Lago”. Then go to Veneto with “La cru di Giulietta e Romeo,” and the Tuscan countryside with “La Toscana dei Tonni” and many others.

A great satisfaction for Bonverre who was able to present for the first time the Italian tradition with his “Authentic Italian Stories” (the translation of our payoff – Sit down, I’ll tell you a story) in an international context. A unique opportunity to offer visitors excellent tastings of recipes that have made the history of Italian regional cuisines and that refer to the authentic flavors of the past.

A convention that allowed Bonverre to tell a new audience about its values and its payoff: to disseminate, pass on and safeguard all the knowledge behind an authentic recipe. And we look forward to repeating …


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