Igles Corelli: Italian Excellence 2023

In Forte dei Marmi, our Chef Igles Corelli has been awarded as “Italian Excellence 2023” during the Versilia Gourmet, an event that for the past thirteen years has rewarded the excellence of Italian cuisine.

“Popularizer, writer, television personality, ambassador of Italian taste in the world, but above all tireless and brilliant chef able to conquer in his glorious career as many as 5 Michelin stars, which he had tattooed on his laborious arms. A reassuring smile on his face, always available for dialogue, a true enthusiast, an eternal young man who adds his vision as a seasoned expert to that of a dreamy child.”

And you know what they say – FROM EXCELLENCE BORN EXCELLENCE – that’s why the chef decided to marry the project Bonverre creating for us his authentic version of Ragù di Selvaggina.

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