The San Bajon Bonverre is on Forbes

Forbes, the famous international magazine, recently released its annual Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day 2023, with the goal of helping couples to find the perfect gift to celebrate their love in a sweet and romantic way. Among the selected products, there could be no missing San Bajon Bonverre, the delicious zabaione cream with Marsala Superiore wine, a traditional recipe from Piedmont, signed by famous ice cream maker Alberto Marchetti from Turin.

Did you know that Piedmont is one of the most important regions in the story of ice cream? And that it is also the home of zabaione, one of Italy’s most famous desserts? Have a seat, I’ll tell you its story…

This delicious cream has a fascinating story that goes back centuries. Legend says that St. Pasquale Baylon, a Spanish religious at the Savoy court, added sweet wine to the eggs and sugar he was whipping, thus creating the delicious cream we know today as zabaione. By the way, this is why St. Paschal Baylon is also remembered as the patron saint of chefs and pastry chefs. Now the origin of the name is also clear: St. Baylon in Turin dialect became Sanbajon and then zabaione.

Forbes has chosen to introduce its readers to San Bajon Bonverre, a high-quality product that celebrates Piedmontese culinary tradition and keeps the original name to celebrate it in the best way possible. The first recipe for this delicious cream dates back centuries and has been handed down from generation to generation among the ladies of Turin. It is also said that this zabaione cream was used as an invigorating and tonic for the husbands of these women, who would benefit from its energizing and aphrodisiac properties.

Today, San Bajon Bonverre is appreciated worldwide for its creaminess and intense taste. How to taste it? You can find it in all Bonverre stores, in Italy and around the world: there are more than 150!


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