Bonverre Stories arrived in Puglia!

This summer Bonverre Stories arrived for the first time in Puglia!

But not for vacation…

From Putignano to Foggia. From Gallipoli to Polignano a Mare. Throughout the region there are new retailers who have chosen us because they believe in our project and our philosophy, in giving value to authentic Italian recipes that Bonverre has put under glass.

In recent weeks, Bonverre has been the protagonist of several events in store, at our retailers. We started from Putignano, from our friends of Casa dei Salumi e Formaggi where our Italian ketchup, L’Aggiadda, was presented, combined with stracciatella; then the Piedmontese sauce par excellence, Bagna Caoda and finally La Toscana dei Tonni, served with cannellini salad.

At La Salumeria Gourmet – Polignano a Mare – in addition to L’Aggiadda and Bagna Caoda present Il Nero Di Vittorio that for the occasion was served with a fusillone of fresh pasta prepared by hand live by the pasta factory Mastro Sapore.

But Bonverre’s journey in Puglia does not end here! In Gallipoli, our retailer De Gustibus has realized a tasting based on Nordic Pesto, Brandacujun and La Toscana dei Tonni.

While in Foggia, together with Enoteca Boccadama, we presented L’Aggiadda con stracciatella, La Toscana dei Tonni con giardiniera, Brandacujun in combination with focaccia and San Bajon with ice cream!

And these are just some of the examples of events that Bonverre can realize in your store: discover all the Events in Store!

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