Oltre alla Bolognese



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Authentic Italian Stories.

The most rockin’ Bolognese ragù ever
The careful choice of raw materials, modern techniques and long cooking times add value to this great classic of Italian cuisine, enhanced by Chef Daniele Bendanti’s personal touch.
A timeless classic, a recipe symbol of Italy in the world that has been handed down from generation to generation.
The authenticity of Bolognese cuisine, beloved internationally, is its most important value. Which is why ‘Oltre alla Bolognese’ embodies the purest soul of the world’s most famous ragù.

Daniele Bendanti

The Chef Daniele Bendanti respects the Bolognese tradition, by developing innovative culinary techniques to safeguard its soul.
He researches and selects high quality products, striving to create a Bolognese cuisine that is different from, or better said, beyond the others. Hence the name of the recipe, ‘Oltre’… from the Italian for ‘beyond’.

Oltre, the trattoria that revolutionised the gastronomic scenario in Bologna
“Make Bologna Great Again” is the mission of Daniele Bendanti and Lorenzo Costa, owners of Oltre: a venue that in just a few years has become a gastronomic destination for rediscovering traditional Emilian dishes, among great classics and proposals that revisit tradition with a more contemporary taste.

Tips of use

to be served with traditional tagliatella or to prepare Bolognese Lasagne

Creative pairing
use it as a ragù with pancotto and flan

For ethnic dishes
use it as a chilli with meat, to stuff tacos, burritos or empanadas


Beef (including skirt steak – Italy) 31%, tomato (Italy), pork bacon (Italy) 13%, white wine, double tomato concentrate (Italy), celery, carrot, onion, extra virgin olive oil, salt, sugar, sage, rosemary, bay leaf, acidity regulator: lactic acid. May contain traces of sul ftes