VESUVIANO: the new Bonverre Campanian Sauce

Bonverre is a journey through the discovery of Italian culinary tradition. A journey to discover territories, raw materials, and authentic recipes.

This time, we fly to Campania, where the new Vesuviano sauce is born from the collaboration established with Francesco Savarise.

A sauce that embodies Campanian culinary excellence with its characteristic golden color and a savory yet delicate taste. With surprising simplicity, it is prepared using only one ingredient: the yellow cherry tomato from Monte Somma.

A cherry tomato that encapsulates the authentic taste of the region. Cultivated in the heart of the Vesuvius National Park, among the green slopes of the volcano, the yellow cherry tomato of Monte Somma draws its uniqueness from the lava soil, rich in minerals, and the temperate climate that favors slow and balanced ripening.

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