The Bonverre stories:
Queens of the Italian summer.

In this magnificent summer that has just passed, a great success for Bonverre: our products were the protagonists of more than 15 events in stores from north to south, from east to west.

Evenings of fun, conviviality… and, of course, good taste! Evenings where guests of our retailers had the chance to take a trip to the beautiful country by immersing themselves in the most authentic Italian cuisine.

In every event, retailers presented all the Bonverre lines in the most varied reinterpretations. Because you know, the ways to taste our products are endless!

From Antico Genovese, L’Aggiadda, La Toscana dei Tonni, and Lampredotto Inzimino, which, during the during the Pizza e Brace event organized by Gustificio became the gourmet toppings for the doughs at Fattore F pizzeria.

Then moved on to Brandacujun served with focaccia, or La Toscana dei Tonni with red turnip barley, canellini beans and misticanza. Sweet tasting with San Bajon with ice cream and with coffee, or a selection of cheese accompanied by our Nordic Pesto. And again, L’Aggiadda with stracciatella and Bagna Càoda with giardiniera, and with vegetable Julienne.

But it didn’t end there. During this rich Bonverre summer, there were certainly surprises and collaborations.

In Polignano a Mare, our retailer La Salumeria Gourmet presented its guests with Il Nero di Vittorio along with a fusillone of fresh pasta made by the Mastro Sapore pasta factory.

In the province of Verona, on the other hand, there was no shortage of wine pairings.

At Affi Wine Bar, La Toscana dei Tonni, Lungo Lago and L’Aggiadda were protagonists in a unique tasting event, realized in collaboration with the winery ProgettiDivini and the bakery DelPane. 

From one selection of labels to another, we next come to Enoteca Villafranca. Here, our Genovese di Tonno was presented alongside the Clüsserath Riesling selection while Il Nero di Vittorio created a Sardinia-France fil-rouge served with Eric Isselee Champagne.

In short, a summer full of flavor, to be followed by an equally tasty winter!

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